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New Soul That Makes You Dance

Babe The Siren is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, and performer of original music. Equal parts Beyonce & Solange, she weaves intricate portraits of sound, leaving the listener captivated yet still dancing. Her styles vary from guitar-driven folk to full-on dancehall barn-burner. Look for her upcoming album, coming soon from Jurnt Entertainment. She lives and works in Austin.


A Siren With Soul

Taking their cue from the slow, molasses beats that dominated Massive Attack's early work and adding elements of dark jazz, acid rap, and folk-hop, Babe and Jurnt producer Ourcotics create an atmospheric, alluringly buoyant sound. She's not as as folky as Joanna Newsom, nor as tied to pop traditions as Toni Braxton; instead, she writes seductive pseudo-dance pop songs that break down conventional barriers with experimental production and trap rhythms. As a result, Babe The Siren appeals to a wide variety of people -- not just ravers, rappers, and alt-rockers, but thirty-somethings who find trap, dancehall, and afro-cuban beats as exotic as free jazz.

The Other Girls Ain't Got It Like This

Thanks to her natural ability to exist between opposing hemispheres, Babe The Siren has the soul of an R&B crooner, yet she's still gentle enough for adult contemporary; refined enough for grown folks, but sexy enough for the young crowd. Her unbroken attitude makes her a favorite among women, but her devastating good looks are enough to lure any man's ship to the rocks. With such mass appeal, it's no wonder that Babe is poised to be the latest in America's long list of musical queens.

No siren did ever so charm the ear of the listener as the listening ear has charmed the soul of the siren.
— Henry Taylor